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Making a Will

Before you start

Prior to making your will, Glamorgan Financial suggests that you:

Make a list of all your property and assets

Consider who you would like to inherit them

Consult with others (including potential beneficiaries) about your choices

Think about who could be executor(s) and guardian(s) and obtain their agreement.

Most importantly, you should seek advice. Homemade wills can produce unintended results in the distribution of your estate. Each partner within a couple should make their own will, even if one of them has relatively few assets. Marriage can revoke an existing will, as can divorce.

When creating your will, Glamorgan Financial will help you to consider investment, taxation and other financial implications. Independent financial advice goes hand in hand with decisions relating to will planning, and Glamorgan Financial would always recommend seeking professional advice from a solicitor.

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Making a Will